Explanation of My Blog

March 21, 2010 at 11:22 pm (Preface) (, )

Devin, Spencer and I at the Riviera Apartments lighting earwax candles.

I would like to make some kind of journal about experiences I have, impressions I get, lessons I learn, etc.   Maybe to help my future kids, my wonderful wife, me, or who ever stumbles upon this blog to know and remember the things that I’ve learned in life that have helped me not just bear through it , but enjoy it.  Better live it, and make it easier to get through all stages of it. My intent is not to preach through this blog or lecture.  My kids aren’t even born yet.  But my life is important and so is yours. I hope this will help me to remember what I know is true and good.   And pray it might help you too.

I was born in Payson Utah in march.   I have great parents that taught me what’s right.  Great siblings, and friends that have all been good examples to me.  My wife is the best one ever and I will explain why often throughout this blog! I was a homeowner at 24, a successful missionary, great drummer/musician, a nice person, adequate basketball player, and am great salesman.   I believe it’s good to focus on positive things but not to boast or be self-absorbed which is why I’m trying to do this on my secret blog and not on top of a mountain with some huge pa system for everyone to hear.   I do consider myself successful so far in my life because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and what it’s taught me. I hope to convey a little bit of that in what I do and say.  In no way do I think I’m perfect.    But there are somethings I have learned and know with all my heart that to be true.

Somethings I post on this blog will be just thoughts but there will be some reminders, facts, and some ideas that I have, mostly for me to remember. And, if it helps you in any way I’ll have made a difference, even if it’s a small one with this blog.


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