Deron Williams, The Best Point Guard In The NBA

April 9, 2010 at 5:44 pm (Interests) (, )


Obviously this is a subject that some may argue but I believe is fact. Let’s start this one by comparing him to Steve Nash. Don’t get me wrong Nash is one of the greatest ever but, this season I take Deron over Nash. There are multiple reasons why.   First, head to head the jazz are a better team.  Deron is a bigger scoring threat and can also get you 14 assists.  I’m sorry but Nash can’t do both as well.


Next, I’ll bring up Chris Paul.   Besides the fact that he’s afraid of D-Will and get’s out played every time they go head to head,  he’s weaker and has potential to get injured more.   Sorry but, the hornets won’t make the playoffs and most likely wouldn’t even with a healthy Paul.   If Williams was on the hornets he would have to do more and, no questions asked would do more than Paul.   Where as Paul is maxed out, and we’ve seen about as much as we will from him.

Jason Kidd is too old.

And no one else is even worth mentioning.


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