Favorite Band

March 23, 2010 at 8:35 pm (Interests)

Jimmy Eat World

“Why is Jimmy Eat World your favorite band?  Out of all the bands that have ever been why them?”    This is the question that I get most often when people ask me who my favorite band is.   And here is my response.

It all started with my cousins Shaun and Erich Kreitemeyer.  They were both huge fans of Jimmy  from Mesa Arizona which is where the band is from.  They went to the same high school etc, etc.  I would visit with them about once a year in the summertime usually.   When I was in nine grade I remember Erich and Shaun both playing their Cd’s at the time it was Static Prevails and Clarity had just been released.  I liked it a lot so I decided to get there CD.

About six months later we went to Arizona in January.  by this time I was a fan and knew all there songs.  While we were there they had a show.   This was my first real rock show I had been too.  Brolin was there and Erich took us.  This show was at a little whole in the wall place called the Green room that was a small bar but the bar part was closed for the show that was for all ages.   Erich got us to the front of the line where some friends where so we ended up front and center at the show that was packed like sardines.  The first two bands played and they were good one of them was called Ruebens Accomplice.  Then when they were through It was Jimmy’s turn.  I was so stoked I could hardly wait for the other bands to get done.  Jim Adkins of Jimmy eat world was setting up his equipment along with the rest of the band and while he was tuning his guitar and waiting for everyone else to set up he talked to Erich Brolin and I for like 20 minutes.  Needless to say I was starstruck!  I know it kind of sounds gay but hey,  this is my blog and you wouldn’t be reading it if you didn’t want the details.

Jim Adkins

Then the show started.  It was the sickest,  coolest, most ill nasty display of rock I have ever witnessed and sounded so sweet I can think straight just trying to write about it.   We went home and my ears were ringing for about 5 days but I didn’t care.   I had just been rocked!  I knew it, Brolin knew it and every last dang person in that small cement room knew it!

I still haven’t heard a better sounding band live.  Even with Effects, autotune,  on TV or anywhere.  I have since been to every Jimmy Eat World show I possibly could had they just get better sounding each time.

So here are my reasons for Jimmy Eat World getting Kyle’s title for Greatest band of all time.

SONG WRITING.  You cannot argue the fact that they have about 100 good songs.  Nay Great songs!  I think they are the only band that I listen to as much now as I did back when I started liking them!  Creating timeless songs that you can listen to over and over again is what true song writing is all about.  None of this one or two good song bull crap you get on almost all other albums from other artists that after about a month even their good songs sound mediocre and dull.

LAYERING.  They have a great way of making all of their Albums sound different and unique.  Harmonies are especially good vocally,  and all guitar parts on almost every single song have different melodies.   I think this helps with making their songs a little more timeless than most.

A BAND.    With them you will hardly hear a guitar solo, drum solo or a vibrato fest on vocals to try to show off.   Making sure that the song sounds good for the song and not for a personal sense of accomplishment is something you can sense in all there songs.   They do what sounds good and if it doesn’t sound good they don’t just through it on an album to fill up time.  Having  like 20 songs that aren’t on albums that are all great but didn’t make the cut just goes to show you.


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